BioThinkDive about Ice-Cream, Beaches, and Travelling

Spring has arrived with bats, butterflies, nest-building! Weekends and school holidays are spent at the beach. Ice creams, sunhats, and sandcastles are part of a visit to the beach. But can a visit to the beach involve biomimicry? Biomimicry is the conscious observation of the natural world. The observations can be used to solve problems.... Continue Reading →

Does it work? Biomimicry in Education

Happy New Year! A New Year's Day tradition is to watch Vienna Philharmonic Concert. At this year's concert the guest conductor Riccardo Muti talks about joy, hope, peace, brotherhood, and "Love" with capital "L,". The world needs to consider culture as one of the primary pre-measure elements to help build a better society in the... Continue Reading →

The Big Book of the Blue

Wow, loved this book! A big surprised when the parcel arrived because I had not expected a Big Book! I know the clue is in the title but a book can be big in lots of different ways. And this is a book that is large in size as well as big on information. Perfect... Continue Reading →

Inspiration from a Snowy Owl

The pretty cool snowl owl are famous for being a bit magical. Harry Potter's pet owl Hedwig proved over and over again that she was a bit better than the rest of the owls at the wizard's school. There are Paleolithic paintings in the Chauvet cave in France depicting owls alongside prehistoric lions and horses... Continue Reading →

New Challenges, New Adventures

The dream was to write a series of books about Theo & Tuva and now the outline for the second book is taking shape. 2020 has been a year filled with challenges, new challenges, but also old familiar problems have been lurking in the background. Greta Thunberg and young climate activistists have not given up... Continue Reading →

Beachcombing – Bladderwrack!

Ahh, at last the smell of sea! Spent some lovely days last week beachcombing. Lots of shells, most of them tiny, glittering in the sand on the tidal shore. Also, lots of sea weed that looked like bubble wrap with their distinctive air bubbles. The air sacks are known as air bladders, which give the... Continue Reading →

Biomimicry Ballet

Meet the photographer to the book Biomimicry with Theo & Tuva"- Ann-Margrethe. Here she practising "Biomimicry Ballet". A wonderfully healthy way to experience nature while pondering over ideas inspired by nature. That children who understand nature are better at taking care of it is perhaps not so strange. Some children lack experience of nature and... Continue Reading →

Under a Log!

“I notice, I wonder, It reminds me of…” A cold but sunny September morning. The first day of Autumn, at least in meteorological terms, but the changes in the natural world such as the fantastic colourful autumn leaves display may still wait. A perfect time to study unique microhabitats where you live - under bushes,... Continue Reading →

Invent the Room – Sustainability & Biomimicry

I have spent sunny days in the garden reading the excellent Engineering Education for the Next Generation by Samuel Cord Stier, who is the executive director of The Center for Learning with Nature. This book together with wild gardening books, Wild Your Garden and Wildlife Gardening, provided the basis for the ideas about bringing sustainability... Continue Reading →

Dandelions – Doing it Nature’s Way

A plant revealing its wonderous secrets! Picking a Dandelion head, making a wish and blowing the puff into the air, watching as the little white fluff float away on a light breeze is a lovely way to experience a bit a nature's magic taking place. Many people regard the dandelions as weed but it can... Continue Reading →

What happended when we all stopped

"I’ve often considered it strange that the most intellectual creature ever to walk the earth is destroying its only home. This wonderful story, What Happened When We All Stopped, helps parents and their children to overcome the disconnect between our clever brains and our loving compassionate hearts. We must find a way of living in harmony with nature so that... Continue Reading →

Hummingbird Whisperer – Inspirational Videos

Irresitable Rufous Hummingbirds trust Maise. Migrating rufous hummingbirds are famous for their extraordinary flight skills. The hummingbirds remember feeders and flowers along the way to their breeding grounds. Due to climate change, many flowers that the birds feeds on during the breeding season have started blooming prior to the birds' arrival. The rufous may arrive... Continue Reading →

Utopian Glimmer – Covid-19

On Monday, 1st June, some pupils in the UK will return to school after the lockdown due to coronavirus. Lots of thoughts and worries but listening to Janine Benyus talk about the "great pause" as she calls the lockdown offer a vision of utopian glimmer in the darkness. The lockdown due to the coronavirus has... Continue Reading →

Llamas, Biomimicry and Viruses

Will the llamas become heroes in the fight against covid-19? Llamas are gorgeous looking animals that have caputured many hearts with their soulful big eyes, funny haircut and velvety snout. The fluffy gentle giants have also attracted the attention of scientists studying antibodies. The remarkable antibodies of camelids, llamas, camels and alpacas, has been studied... Continue Reading →

Nature Drawing and Biomimicry Journaling

Our gardens, parks and forests are filled with wonders and beauty. Breathtaking wildlife and beautiful plants that give us life, it’s important to understand our world and nature drawing and biomimicry journaling give children an opportunity to enhance their understanding and appreciation of our earth. The Laws Guide to Nature Drawing and Journaling provides great... Continue Reading →

Reconnecting with Nature

"We believe that the widespread adoption of nature-inspired solutions will catalyze a new era in design and business that benefits both people and the planet. Let’s make the act of asking nature’s advice a normal part of everyday inventing. We hope you will join us." Biomimicry Institute This year has been filled with changes and... Continue Reading →

Caterpillar – Google Classroom

A new resource for Google Classroom. I hope you like it and that it will help to create many memorable experiences in your classroom. Perfect for homeschooling and distance learning! You find it here.

A Memorable Experience

Biomimicry education should be a memorable experience! Several different approaches can be used to inspire children to explore nature and to feel excited about solving problems or inventing things. You can read books such as "How an Idea from Nature Changed Our World" by Dorna Schroeter and explore how biomimicry can be used to solve... Continue Reading →

Project based learning perfect for homeschooling

Small, colourful and spectacular! Hummingbirds are beautiful and strong. They provide the perfect inspiration for great ideas! A wonderful way to keep schoolchildren happy and engaged at home as well as ensuring that they are continuing their learning is to start a project. Project-based learning is an engaging way to spark an interest in a... Continue Reading →

Inspirational Video – Ferrets

What everyday problem could a body like a ferret solve? Love all the wonderful ideas that pop up while you watch this video of a ferret in slow motion. Like magic the ferret lowers and stretches itself out, making its body 30% longer. This helps they when they are running through small tunnels. Amazingly they... Continue Reading →

Board Game

Made another board game! Similar to the one with mammals but this time the theme is Australia. Games are an educational tool that is underestimated. They are engaging and fun. Nevertheless, I like the idea of games that at its core is non-competetive. And this Biomimicry Invention Board Game is more about ideas and exploring... Continue Reading →

Biomimicry, Bushfires and Wombats

Wombats are one of Australia’s most loved marsupials, but they are often misunderstood. In children's books they are described as slow and clumsy, yet, they can actually run faster than a human or dog over a short distance. Muddle-headed wombats! No, they are quick to learn and they have adapted to their life underground. However,... Continue Reading →

Bushfires and Biomimicry

A dangerous summer is unfolding in Australia and so far millions, even billions animals have lost their lives in raging bushfires. Bushfires are common in Australia so animals and plants have developed various ways to survive and reproduce. This year, the bushfires are not normal, hundreds of fires are burning and the links to climate... Continue Reading →

2020! Biomimicry an emerging trend!

Embrace the trend! Start 2020 with spending time in nature and ponder! Trendy! Biomimicry is an emerging trend that is slowly but surely entering the business world, universities as well as the classroom. It may not always be easy to embrace biomimicry. Yet, it is a wonderful feeling to search for exciting solutions to problems... Continue Reading →

Particle Robot – Inspirational videos

Particle robots, working as a an oscillating group do not have any need for centralised control. The particle robots change their rhythms based on how intense a nearby light is shining. Robots that work together in this way could move through different types of environments, even places that they have never visted before. Working together... Continue Reading →

Hedgehog in the Fog!

Cold and misty morning! Perfect day for watching this 1975 film based on the story Hedgehog in the Fog by Russian children’s writer Sergey Kozlov. A hedgehog walks through the night to visit his friend, a bear cub. It is not easy to find your way in a dense forest, and the little hedgehog gets... Continue Reading →

Climate Change and Biomimicry

Can we capture carbon using plants and animals as strategic tools in our climate toolbox?. The global climate is changing, and the focus is often on decreasing the output of greenhouse gases via technologies or ideas such carbon offset or carbon taxes. Yet, reducing the emission of carbon is only one idea. We could accelerate... Continue Reading →

Bats! Bats! Bats!

Big fruit bats, vampire bats with razor sharp teeth, and the cutest fluffy white bat with yellow ears, and an interesting leaf-shaped nose. In the latest biomimicry booklet I slipped by accident into medical applications inspired by nature. And it was the Hoduran white bat that sparked the initial idea. Honduran white bat has the... Continue Reading →

A sad tree

"We need more talkative trees." Fairy tales have trees with human faces, trees that can talk and whisper, and sometimes even walk or fly. Yet, trees are despite all their brilliant features easy to ignore. They grow slowly, really slowly, and even if deciduous trees shed their leaves and burst with new leaves each spring... Continue Reading →

A sharp idea – Biomimicry

The forest is home for thousands of species, big animals like bears, and deer, and smaller animals like hedgehogs, porcupines and rabbits. Thousands of ways to explore possibilities and be inspired. Porcupine Quills to Needles (21st Century Junior Library: Tech from Nature) by Jennifer Colby is a book in a series that aims towards providing... Continue Reading →

Tasmania – Inspirational Video

A couple of years ago, I seriously considered moving to Tasmania so this video is a bit special. The wildlife of Tasmania is a wonderful source of inspiration and who better to tell the story than David Attenborough. It is a long video, but it tells an excting story of wallabies, platypuses, minature penguins and... Continue Reading →

Books about Nature using pressed flowers

Summer evenings can be magical. Spending time the park or garden listening to the birds and watching the bees drinking nectar from the flowers. But summer evening can also be filled with thunder and lightning, which means that magic that can be found in nature can come by reading. Picture books bring the outdoors in... Continue Reading →

Board Games for a Curious Biomimicrist

This post contains ad links. Summer and Board Games! Evolution Board Game, Climate Board Game and Evolution: The Beginner Board Game are great games for children who loves nature. The first two games are suitable for a little older children. The games come from North Star Games and they have quickly become very popular games.... Continue Reading →

Puffilicious Rubbish Picker Litter Stick

The idea appeared yesterday when we were walking our dog. So many interesting ideas appear when you are walking. Walking improves creativty, according to a Stanford study. Stuck at home, staring at the walls, ideas seem hard to hatch. We have been thinking about the puffins but every idea seemed . . . boring .... Continue Reading →

Everything You Need For A Treehouse

"Treehouses are for wonder. Treehouses are for snacks.Treehouses are for whispers and snickers and echoes.Treehouses are for everyone." Ever dreamt of having a treehouse? A magical place where you can escape from reality. Everything You Need for a Treehouse by Carter Higgins and Emily Hughes is a wonderful celebration of treehouses. Children dream up fantastic... Continue Reading →

Biomimicry Invention Game

This is an idea that I got a long, long time ago. Finally decided to make a start and I make a booklet with an invention board game with a focus on six fantastic and inspiring animals - giraffe, dolphin, zebra, giant panda, meerkat and cheetah. When using biomimicry with young children, it is often... Continue Reading →

Wild Buildings and Bridges

Nature and architecture are perfect partners! Are you planning a biomimicry challenge? The book Wild Buildings and Bridges: Architecture Inspired by Nature by Etta Kaner is a great introduction to using nature as inspiration to design and architecture. Thought provoking questions and illustrated examples mixed with directions that invite children to build and explore their... Continue Reading →

Observing Nature

". . . observe simply for the sake of curiosity." Inspired by the book iSites: Nature Journaling for Biomimicry by Erin Rovalo, the plan was to spend at least part of the day observing the natural world. Spring is sometimes the best of times to tuning in the senses and just be filled by the... Continue Reading →

Ideas and Groundhogs are Everywhere!

The groundhog is an interesting character and a perfect animal to use as an introduction to biomimicry. If the various names this rodent is known under does not spark any ideas its behaviour and fascinating face might. Groundhogs are known as woodchuck groundpig, whistlepig, thickwood badger, monax, moonack, weenusk, red monk and, among French Canadians in... Continue Reading →

Fridays for Future!

1st of February. When I look out of the window I cannot help to ponder over the extreme weather around the world. Heat waves, bush fires and extreme cold. The climate is changing and in Norden a range of climate strikes are planned. The strike is part of the climate activist Greta Thunberg's work to... Continue Reading →

What is Biomimicry?

I often get a blank face when I talk about biomimicry. So what exactly is biomimicry? Well, like most things, the more you know, the more complicated it becomes to explain something. A quick answer is that the word biomimicry consists of two words: bio which means life mimic which means to imitate. Bio which... Continue Reading →

Fungi Friday – Pretty in Blue

Blue is the rarest occuring pigment found in nature, which makes is even more thrilling to spot the blue velvet spread on a gloomy cold winter day. Terana caerulea is also known as cobalt crust fungus is a real beauty. Wonderful surpises is hidden in nature.  Little gems an be found everywhere if you take the... Continue Reading →

An Egg is Quiet

This post contains ad links. Smashing the walls of a coconut takes some skill! An Egg Is Quiet (Nature Books) is stunningly beautiful and makes a fascinating introduction to the amazing world of eggs. Poetic text and wonderfully informative, it explores interesting facts about eggs that really sparks the curiosity and imagination. Written by Dianna... Continue Reading →

Daydreaming about Ladybirds

November and not a ladybird in sight. The cold November weather has arrived and the pretty ladybird is hibernating. And somehow, the things you cannot see quickly becomes more interesting! The slow motion video below of a ladybird taking off provides you with an opportunity to slow down. Being mindful is to slow down and... Continue Reading →

Creepy Smelly Burglar Alarm

 Can you rethink the way burglar alarms is working? The creepy looking devil's fingers sparked the idea. Looks are important but for this nature inspired idea the smells that the fungi release is more crucial for the alarm to work. A burglar alarm usually works by making a loud noise. The focus is on sending... Continue Reading →

Moth – An Evolution Story

The colour of an animal can decide whether it lives or dies. Moth is a story of the peppered moth written by Isabel Thomas, illustrated by Daniel Egnéus. An awe-inspiring story about a speckled and freckled master of disguise. A fight for survival in a world that is changed by humans. Important and a bit sad questions... Continue Reading →

Sea Slug Borrowers – Inspirational video

Spots, stripes, bold vibrant colours or soft milky pastels. Nudibranchs do everything to capture your attention. These soft-bodied creatures warn predators with their high contrast markings and colours. But some sea slugs are a bit more cunning, and they steal stinging cells that they collect from hydroid prey. The nudibranch's gut is impressive, with fingerlike... Continue Reading →

Dot-ish Positive Nature Words

Wild things Mud Faces Talking trees Adventure Peace Magical Fill a page in your Biomimicry Journal with positive nature words. Creative and inspirational energy is important when you think dive into nature. For young biomimicrists it is vital to look at animals and plants with a positive and curious mindset. We are after all hunting... Continue Reading →

Supertiny Bats with Superpowers

Unstoppable hunters of the nights! A couple of weeks ago, we went for a bat walk in Sutton Park. Equipped with warm clothes and torches we searched for bats in the dark autumn evening using bat detectors. The rain was drizzling but luckily the bats still came out to feed. Bats are mammals and they are... Continue Reading →

Inspired by Fungi

Fly agaric, jelly ear, shaggy inkcap and sickener. How many fungi can you identify? And have you ever seen  ghost fungus? Fungi grow in a range of different environments. They live in the soil, on plants and animals, in fresh water and seawater. They even grow on your body! Many fungi are colourful and some... Continue Reading →

Step out of the classroom and into nature

Looking for an hands-on lessons and activities that engage children in environmental literacy? Biomimicry offers project-based instructions that may inspire future generations to care for nature and to see nature as a spot that offer not only calmness and spectacular experiences of beauty and drama but also can make your head twirl around with possibilities.... Continue Reading →

Super Siri Spider Sieve

What lives in the ocean? Fish, dolphins, sea otters, whales, octopuses, plants, corals sea turtles and sea spiders. And plastic! Marine creatures are vulnerable to fragments of plastic littering the world’s oceans. Big animals such as whales are ingesting microplastics. Microplastics are small fragments of plastic, less than 5 mm.  There are different types of... Continue Reading →

Shells – Biomimicry

Make a garland of your drawings of seashells that you find at the beach. Cut out the drawings and a make a little hole. A ribbon or string though the holes and the garland is finished. Put the garland in your Biomimicry Journal and save it as inspiration. Or put the seashell garland in a... Continue Reading →

A day at the Beach

Use the beach to spark your imagination! What can be better than to lie in silence at the shore, listening to the waves and watching sand grains roll back and forth? Explore beaches and admire sea shells while you breathe in the sea air. A day at the beach is a wonderous adventure. A great... Continue Reading →

Inspired by Plantopedia

This blog post contains affiliate links. Bring the joy of plants to children! Parks, woodlands and gardens are dazzling with interesting plants. There are the stinkers, the airfreshers, and the perfumed. Plantopedia: Welcome to the Greatest Show on Earth (Wide Eyed)  by Adrienne Barman has all sorts of plants from the biggest, to the most... Continue Reading →

Biobing – Caterpillar Climbing Shoes

Inspired by the wonderful caterpillars in the previous blog posts, we designed some Biobing shoes. These shoes are made for climbing in the mountains. Just like a caterpillar you can climb upside down when you are wearing these shoes. There are little sticky caterpillar shaped wheels that lets you scale big rocks. These wheels automatically... Continue Reading →

Awe-inspiring Caterpillars

What if you had a couple of false legs, what could you do? Caterpillars with feathery blue spikes, long black whiskers, curling orange horns and  what looks like a hundred feet. A caterpillar has 6 feet,  but it looks like some have more than 6 legs. Most of those legs are false legs. These legs... Continue Reading →

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