Biomimicry is an exciting way to inspire young children to be creative, curious and to observe the world. Children come to understand how animals and plants can be used as a platform upon which ideas and inventions can be developed. Biomimicry bridges the boundaries traditionally found in education and provides young children with an opportunity to mix art, literature and science with an innovative approach.

This topic also provides an opportunity to bring the learning outdoors – observing, listening and smelling are vital factors to build a foundation upon which ideas inspired by nature can be explored.

A link to a free PowerPoint presentation about biomimicry for young children.

Bubbling Curiosity.1 pptx


You Tube videos.

Free booklets, see my shops – TPT and TES.

Below is a mind map that shows some of the things that children learn from studying nature to get new ideas.

The mind map can be downloaded for free at Biggerplate.


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